Critical genera in the Dutch flora


I am fascinated by some critical genera in the Dutch flora, e.g. Festuca (sheep fescue), Rubus (bramble) and Hieracium (hawkweed). These genera are not evenly good known. The diversity and distribution of Rubus is quite well known, although only by a small group of students. For the 22nd edition of the Heukels' Flora van Nederland I have revised most of the material of Festuca in the National Herbarium, resulting in a rather complete overview of the species in the Netherlands. The distribution of these species is still not completely known however. Modern knowledge of Hieracium is almost completely lacking. The last revision was published in the 1920-s and 1930-s by Van Soest. In the framework of the Plantensociologische Kring Nederland from 2005 onwards, I started a series of excursions to investigate present diversity of hawkweeds in the Netherlands. Besides, I am involved in the typification of Hieracium taxa that were described from the Netherlands.


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