Hieracium (hawkweed)


Hieracium is one of the largest genera of the Dutch flora, comprising about 100 taxa. This genus was extensively studied by the Dutch engineer J.L. van Soest, who was an obsessed amateur botanicus. He became famous with his work - worldwide - on Taraxacum, but in an earlier period he worked also on Hieracium. Together with Zahn he revised the collection in the 'Rijksherbarium',  now the 'National Herbarium Nederland'. On the basis of this revision they described several new taxa for the Netherlands, some of which with a more than local distribution.


After Van Soest published his work in the first half of the 20th century, Hieracium taxonomy in the Netherlands died a silent death. After several excursions throughout the country, it became clear that the formerly described diversity has declined dramatically. On the other hand, in poorly investigated regions several new taxa were discovered.


In these pages, an overview over the literature and the species diversity is given. This is an ongoing project, so these pages will be updated more or less regularly.

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