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One of the great things in life is that ordinary things become exiting when they are adequately exposed. A common weed, a landscape you live in for years, an unexpected word of a stranger. All they can add to joy, if you are able to see them in the right light. Whether great or small, all can be overwhelming. Some easy to pick up, others only to see with the right equipment, or the right knowledge. Some even only in faith. But all filled with light.


In these webpages, I hope to show you something of the amazing world we live in. By photos I made. By knowledge I gathered which I like to share. Probably by things I don't even think of right now, but which will reveal themselves in future. I hope they all will add to your joy and inspiration!


Rense Haveman










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Friday, 16th October, I added some information about myself.


Headlines Blog Online 
Friday, October 16th 2009. I decided to start a blog, to give an account of my daily life. It can be found by clicking "Headlines".

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